Three Questions That Lead to Self Forgiveness

After a decade of no contact, my sixteen year old daughter lived with her father for about six months.  While I didn’t sleep a full night during that time, she seemed happy for the first three.  After that, things began to go south rather quickly, and soon, she came home, to both of our relief.  One […]

Mindfulness and Confession: Reflections in the Mirror

My earliest experiences as a Christian with confession were always pretty tearful and mindfulness was not even in my vocabulary.  I believed the truest thing about me was a list of all my sins.  And as a person for whom shame was a way of being, the idea of confessing my sins to someone else […]

Confessions of a Five Year Old Runaway

It all started with the maroon polyester pantsuit.  Feeling ugly and uncomfortable, I remember sitting on the sidewalk refusing to go anywhere in that garish monster of an outfit, wishing I could scrape the itchy thing off like Job’s boils.  And then the persistent diet of fried eggs in the morning.  Is there anything worse […]