How to Negotiate a Contract… with God

Fasting for an answer to prayer sometimes results in what feels like the wrong answer.  But when I fasted for three days about God’s will for my relationship with my boyfriend, I was still surprised when he broke up with me the first day after the fast.  Heartbreak slaps you hard.  It hurts whether or not you […]

What Armor Are You Wearing?

Knights in gleaming armor mounted on mighty steeds, banners whipping in the wind as they gallop to the top of the hill before the barbarian armies, await the clash and toil of war, creating a vivid picture of manliness and courage.  Literature treats us to visions of noble kings and their valiant knights assembled, prepared to […]

Release from Regret: Recapture your Hope

There is no regret in the kingdom of God, but that doesn’t mean we don’t struggle mightily with it.  I imagine David after the prophet, Nathan, informs him that his son from Bathsheba will die because of his sins of murder and adultery.  His chief regret, I assume, is that the consequences of his actions […]