Inner Healing Resources

These are just a few of the ministries out there that have been useful to me.  They each have their own revelation, but serve a vital place within Christian ministries.

Elijah House Ministries

My husband and I visited them in Idaho and had one of the most important encounters with God in our lives.

Theophostic Prayer

Training in this ministry gave me a much deeper understanding about prayer ministry, the renewal of the mind, and the way of life that is inner healing.

Aslan’s Place

Aslan’s Place specializes in generational deliverance.  Really one of the most profound experiences of my husband’s and my life.

Arthur Burk and Plumbline Ministries

I don’t quite know how to categorize him except that when I listen to him, particularly about the role of the spirit, I feel as if I have eaten a 12 course meal.  He expands on redemptive gifts, but I particularly recommend his book, Blessing the Spirit.

Jubilee Resources

Prayers of renunciation, particularly of cults and free-masonry.

Shiloh Place

Best place to learn of the Father’s heart I have found.