Three Methods that Helped Me Conquer Anxiety

Door to freedom from anxiety

I became aware of my anxiety, ironically, when suddenly I had less to fear.  I found myself a single mother of four wonderful daughters and free of a narcissistic and cruel ex-husband.  I was so used to feeling numb that when I began to reconnect with my emotions, all the fear I lived with for […]

You Are What You Eat: Communion Reimagined

While in Jerusalem some years ago, we visited the Upper Room.  It had long since been turned into a small chapel, and as we sat on the wooden pews, a tour guide took us through the story of Jesus’ communion with the disciples.  Afterwards, one of the students I was with asked about the authenticity […]

Jumping in the River; Prayer and Your Imagination

I still remember the river we saw while on vacation in Yosemite my junior year of high school.  The river’s perfectly clear waters shot past in a narrow channel, about hip deep, and icy cold while my parents, my brother, and I sat on the edge with our feet in.  My mother, brother, and I […]