A Miracle of Healing: Belief not Required

I do not watch a lot of television.  My parents got rid of theirs when I was in the fourth grade, and it forever weaned me from passive entertainment.  I became a reader instead.  So it was with some desperation that I found myself watching, of all things, the 700 Club on CBN past midnight nearly thirty years ago in the living room of my apartment on the campus of the university I was attending.  The host spoke of a healing miracle.

Nearly six months previous I had been in a fairly severe car accident.  While I was stopped at a red light, I was rear-ended by a car going about 35 miles per hour.  This resulted in severe whiplash and a pain that extended down my shoulders and arms. Months of physical therapy and Vicodin had not alleviated the pain.  I have a long neck which the doctor indicated was part of the problem.  I was simply very vulnerable to severe whiplash.The physical pain I suffered intensified at night.  Often I could not sleep.

So there I sat, watching late night television because sleep eluded me, and I was curious about the miracle of which Pat Robertson spoke.

Pat Robertson sat in his studio with a woman whose name I can no longer remember.  He spoke about healing and immediately the screen broke away to a vignette about a woman who suffered from back and neck pain.  God healed her miraculously from the injury, and she was completely free of pain.  She demonstrated her range of movement.

My first reaction was disbelief.  Not necessarily at the healing miracle.  I believed God can and will heal.  I just didn’t believe I was qualified or that maybe my situation was dire enough.  After all, the Lord had healed my mother from complete kidney failure.  But that was a life and death kind of situation.  My chronic pain was more of the consistently uncomfortable and miserably depressing variety.

My second reaction was bitterness.  Literally, the thought that ran through my mind was that God would heal others, but He would not heal me.  No miracle for Alice.  The reason I specify this is because I have noticed that we have a lot of misconceptions about healing.  If we do this, or if we pray that, then maybe God will condescend. Or perhaps we try to emotionally blackmail God, trying to make Him feel guilty for not having answered our prayers.

So I want to say that in no way was I expecting, asking, or even believing that God wanted to heal me.

Pat Robertson began to pray and, to my interest, he called out a woman in the television audience who had neck and back pain that radiated to her hands.  She did not believe that God would heal her, he saidI got still.  Was he talking about me?  Well, said Pat, God is going to heal her right now.  And while I sat there, expecting nothing, believing nothing, a golden sort of heat began to radiate from my head, down my neck, and through my arms all the way to my hands.

I was completely shocked.  The pain was completely gone.  It did not return.  This is only the first time since that the Lord has miraculously healed me outside of the natural course our bodies take in healing themselves.  But that night, several things occurred.  I was forced to reconsider whether my prejudice against televangelists was grounded in truth or merely an invention of the press.  Remember that in the late eighties, a number of televangelists were exposed for their various sins.  But God obviously used the 700 Club as a vehicle for His healing.  Who was I to judge based on my scant knowledge?  I have had far more respect since then for the men and women of God who minister on screen.

I also had to reconsider my assumptions about God.

I have since learned that God loves to heal. 

That miraculous healing does not always occur is beyond my understanding. But I have been healed enough to know that the first step is to start asking.  And I love that God did not wait for me to ask.

Lastly, being freed from pain gave me a new lease on life.  I had contemplated dropping out of school in order to try to heal.  But time would show me that my education was ordained by God, and He would not let an injury prevent me from fulfilling my destiny.

So I leave you with a question.

What assumptions do you have about who God is and what He wants to do in your life? 

Start asking Him now to tear down the strongholds that might prevent you from receiving His many blessings.  And maybe, occasionally turn on the television.




14 Replies to “A Miracle of Healing: Belief not Required”

  1. This is an amazing story. And I love it and my heart aches for this kind of miracle for my husband. I want him to believe so badly. He has said he will only believe in God if there is a miracle. I don’t know why our miracle hasn’t happened yet. I have an inkling that God is working in ways I cannot yet see, but I need prayer for hope and strength during the waiting.

    1. I am keeping you in my prayers.

  2. I always thought that we were supposed to be believing God for healing!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. I loved reading this. I’ve been believing God for healing from chronic pain for many years. I have seen a lot of emotional healing and partical physical, but would love to experience what you experienced. Thank you for your encouragement.

  5. Praying for healing is one of those things that is hard to truly understand. People either really believe or are skeptical. I fall somewhere in between. I know God is capable. I have experienced it once, but I know God doesn’t always do it. It’s not always His will even if He is always capable.

  6. God is the ultimate healer and once he has plans for us nothing will come in the way of that 🙂

  7. I am where Heather is at. I’ve seen people healed, I’ve even experienced healing, but I’ve also experienced the no. God is so much bigger then our understanding. 1 Corinthians 13:12 sums up so much of where I am at in my faith right now, an acknowledgment that I can only catch a glimpse of God now, but one day!

    “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

  8. Absolutely! That is who he is and that is what he does. He HEALS. Amen!!!!! I am still believing for my own healing

  9. What an awesome testimony to the love and healing power of our God. Bless you for sharing this. I think many of us feel the same way you did….that our circumstances aren’t terrible enough to warrant healing, but God will do what He will do, whether we believe or not. Thanks for sharing this. – Amy

  10. What an incredible testimony! I have heard of things like this happening and I KNOW God is able to more than I could image. I would love to see it one day!

  11. Awesome! I love the way you told the story so lucidly to show not only that you were healed but had your mind renewed on the issue of healing and televangelists. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. Awesome! I love the way you told the story so lucidly to show not only that you were healed but had your mind renewed on the issue of healing and televangelists. Thank you for sharing this. ❤️

  13. True, He heals us in spite of us, Lisa, another friend shared this amazing testimony..too..when she was not expecting it, she got healed…wow

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