Five Lies that Keep You in a Narcissistic Marriage

Staying in a narcissistic relationship takes a lot of commitment.  After all, the benefits of the relationship are fleeting at best, while the daily slog of being someone’s personal slave is exhausting.  I have opened up in this blog because I feel led by the Lord to tell my story as a way of owning it.  And one of the most difficult things about admitting to my past is that I am generally perceived as a competent, even gifted, woman.  People ask, without meaning to hurt me, “How did you get trapped in such a circumstance?” The truth is that narcissists often target intelligent, strong women.  Where’s the challenge, otherwise?narcissistic

But the self-deception necessary in order to stay runs deep.  And narcissists can be charming and seductive.  No one would stay at all if there weren’t some benefits.  But as time passes and life gradually loses all color, victims have to develop specific strategies in order to stay.  So we set up certain lies in place to support a structure already built on lies.  I should have left before I did.  I should have taken a clue from the fact that the voice in my head had a mantra of “I wish I was dead.”  And I did.  I wished it for years until I realized that life could be much better.


Lie #1:

He/she is just immature. Everyone in the family participates in this lie.  “He will grow up.  He is just young,” his parents, my parents, our friends and I would assert.  The benefit to this lie is that it is true.  After all, a narcissist is stuck at the emotional age of a two-year-old.  The lie is in the belief that time will narcissisticcure narcissism.  Perhaps for a few?  After all, I don’t claim to know all narcissistic people.  But I do know that narcissists do not seem to achieve the normal maturational milestones that most humans do.  If you are waiting around for your narcissistic partner to grow up, you will waste decades on that futile hope.

Lie #2:

I can handle the abuse.  The wrongheadedness of this lie should be self-evident.  We were never meant to handle abuse.  We were meant for a life lived in love and fruitfulness.  And no one can handle abuse indefinitely.  It will catch up with you.  Your body will start to give out.  Your heart will forget joy.  Your mind will live in a state of fog in order to keep you from seeing what is there.  I was sick for years.  Immediately after I left, my health was restored.  So now, I proudly assert, “I can’t handle abuse.  I love myself too much to expose myself to it.”

Lie #3:

Kids are resilient.  No, they are not.  If they were, psychologists would go out of business.  Childhood trauma surfaces later and is devastating. Children do not have the self-awareness or power to assert their pain and fear in abusive circumstances.  Instead, they learn that they are powerless, that making mommy or daddy happy is their job, and that they are not worthy of love.  Those are formulas for a miserable adulthood, and yet, keeping them in that situation made me a party to it.  If nothing else, don’t fool yourself that somehow you can shield them from the effects of your narcissistic partner.  No one else has and you can’t either.

Lie #4:

I can love and pray him/her out of it.  I believe in prayer.  Check out my blog.  I have had amazing answers to prayer.  But God doesn’t make anyone do anything.  This is free will.  You can pray for decades for a person, but ultimately, the decision to change is theirs alone.  I have come to believe that praying obsessively for someone to change amounts to little more than a form of idolatry.  God changed me and freed me from narcissistic abuse, but only because I invited Him too.

The fact that I used to pray that God would make me the kind of wife John needed is an indication of how twisted my reasoning had become.  I worked, kept the house clean, and handled all the care for the children. What he did all day locked in his little office, God only knows.  Narcissistic partners do not feel your love and do not recognize your sacrifices.  They are merciless gods and do not deserve your worship.

Lie #5:

His/her behavior is somehow my fault.  One day I was having my habitual prayer time.  I spent a lot of time practicing forgiveness and would sit at the feet of Jesus letting Him love me as a way to experience the love I had missed for fourteen years.  One day I found myself crying and saying to the Lord , “You saw what he did!  You saw what he did to me!”  The Lord’s presence filled the room and He said, “In no way do I hold you responsible for any of John’s actions.”  Until that moment, I did not realize how deeply I had taken responsibility for my narcissistic husband.  The only actions for which any of us are responsible are our own.

If you recognize these lies you tell yourself in order to keep yourself going, it might be time to reconsider some things.  Truth can be so painful.  I have been there, on my own with four little girls, two thousand miles from my family.  But God led me out of the narcissistic wilderness, and I am so grateful.  I wake up, and I no longer wonder if my husband is going to have a good day or a bad day.  I swept up all the eggshells narcissisticfrom the floor and can say what I mean without fearing a violent response.  I live a normal life, and so do my daughters.  I even plan for the future, knowing that I have one. I learned the Red Sea parts for us if we step out in faith.



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16 Replies to “Five Lies that Keep You in a Narcissistic Marriage”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Alice. In reflecting on these ideas people can have the healthiest relationships possible. With God all things are possible and I am happy to hear you have found healing.

  2. I too escaped a 27-year marriage to a narcissist. Unfortunately, so much damage had already been done to my 3 kids. I was a Christian and didn’t think God would let me out and that I just needed to keep praying. I have found happiness and God has blessed my life more than I could ever imagine. Thank you for writing this much-needed article. I pray it helps others get out quicker.

  3. Alice, your post is so well done. I’ve had those same words filter through my mind, and it took years to figure out it was because I was emotionally abused by a narcissistic mother. Narcissists train you; brainwash you into thinking that it’s your fault. Empathetic, compassionate people get taken in, because we simply assume that everyone else must think about people the same way we do. Well, that’s just not true. Narcissists don’t even have empathy, so they have no capacity to love. When we find out we’ve wasted a lifetime loving a person who never loved us back, and actually hated us instead, it is devastating. You can forgive, but you have to get out… as far away from the narcissist as possible. I’m so thankful we have Jesus to save us and protect us, and like you, I’m glad God let me know that it was never my fault. I was a child expecting to be loved by my mother. You were a wife expecting to be loved by your husband. As you said, it’s how God designed us. I’m so thankful He led us the way out! I pray you continuedhealing and peace and joy, as you discover more and more freedom in Christ! ❤️

  4. Thank God that Jesus can open up our eyes as to these truths and so much more!

  5. What an eye-opener! Thanks for being transparent. This post will save many lives. I am posting on my Facebook fan page and pinning. Keep writing my sister! You’re an inspiration. Tania from TheodoraLove.

  6. Wow it is my life you are describing! Thank God I realized that I had to escape! My kids and I are so much happier after we left! Thank you for the blog, it is very insightful!!

  7. I’m still in a marriage with a narcissist… but God has said that the time is coming soon for my release. God also seems to be prompting me to write about my story … I just have no idea where to start. Thanks for these posts on your blog… they’re helping me see that maybe I CAN write this…

  8. I fled after 26 years of hell. My kids are messes. I got saved halfway through the marriage and prayed and begged God to belp, but He didn’t. I finally got myself out with no help from Him, got screwed in the divorce and now I’m living with my mother and dealing with the fallout with my grown children. I have lost all faith. I look back and see no sign of help from God. I no longer believe the bible is the “innerant” word of God or that He is interested in anything down here on earth. I have other friends whose situations are like mine and the narcissist wins at every turn, while children’s minds are being destroyed more each day, just like my kid’s were. Thanks for nothing, God.

    1. I was with mine 20 years, married for 13 I felt every one of these lies deeply.

      Now ive been free 3 years and it’s amazing. How did you shield your girls from him?

      I tried to be amicable during dissolution and ended up going with shared parenting. My kids hate going over there but he doesnt really break the law and in Ohio kids cant choose.

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  10. I needed to hear this so much. I am a mom of 3 little girls and have been praying my way through all the confusion and torment, constantly asking God please show me.. is it me or is it him?? Something is wrong but I can’t see clearly because of the constant deflecting and twisting. Thank you for sharing & giving me hope!

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  12. I believed I should be able to be content in all circumstances – I loved this man for 36 years, we have four wonderful children, I believed I could do better all the time to improve our marriage. I believed that my family are bigger than my emotions and pain and continuously swept issues under the carpet. I do believe God will have the Victory – but we have all been damaged, hurt, and I cant hold my family together anymore. I need to decide whether to spend the next 30 years here and I need to know Gods will in all of it, as only then can I be sure that life will be truly blessed.

  13. You have no idea how much this helped me. It was the answers I have been searching for. Thank you for sharing!

  14. This article hit home for me. I was in a relationship with a narcissist for 19yrs (8yrs dating, 11yrs married) and 3 kids. I prayed all the time, did counseling and endless conversations with him to try to help him see how he was destroying me…. I got out 2 yrs ago, my kids were 7yrs, 5yrs and 2yrs old. I was 34yrs old. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, truly. It has also been the best thing for me and my children. Some days are still a struggle as a single mom, but I would never go back to the years of emotional and verbal abuse. I have confidence now and will never again allow someone to strip me of all that I am. God has big plans for me that I am finally able to explore. Thank you for your article,
    Take care, Patricia

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